Is a rapidly developing IT company that is oriented on result, development and integration of modern IT solutions for
different business fields. We are aimed at business changing and modernization for achieving a result.
We are ready to take risks and guarantee the result of your investments!
Who we are
SK-CONSULTING is a rapidly growing IT company with a strong focus on business process automation projects for the enterprise applications development, implementation and customization, building software and websites of any complexity on time and budget. Modernization of business processeses and workflows is paramount for achieving best results and securing your investment. We are ready to bear the risks and can guarantee positive ROI.
We are a young and ambitious team!
Our technical team delivered many complex projects for local and international companies and banking institutions.
Having participated in development of intricate technology systems, our software engineers have collective experience of over 100 successfully implemented projects. We adhere to latest development methodologies: all our employees master up-to-date technologies and regularly take trainings to staying current with latest technology trends. We can assist you with projects of any complexity, taking the idea from conception to design, development, final implementation and launch.
SK-CONSULTING aspires to become an inescapable link connecting European businesses and Ukrainian IT talent. We also aim to be a reliable partner for companies locally that tend to correspond to standards and meet the requirements of international IT markets. We know exactly what value we can provide to both: local IT market and international businesses. Our main goal is to become a leading IT solutions importer and integrator, we're also striving to be on top of the list exporting Ukrainian best-of-breed IT talent.
  • Creating features that solve client requirements.
  • We are young, ambitious and focused on results.
  • We approach to a comprehensive solution of the problem and help to articulate it where it has only an abstract prompted of business.
  • We are not are adjusted at all costs to earn as much as possible (not the European approach), we are determined to solve the problem as efficiently as possible.
  • The success of our projects by the formula: success of the solution = (Result of decisions + long-term perspective necessity to perform (return)) / spent resources for implementation.
  • We can always find understanding and build communication with all consumers of our products (both external and internal)
  • We are ready to ensure the success of cooperation with us!
OFFICE Ukraine, Kyiv
48G Dmytrivska str.,
Kiyv, 01054, Ukraine
+38 (044) 222-50-49

OFFICE USA, California
2055 W El Camino Ave
Sacramento, California 95833
+1 (916) 7153910

OFFICE Israel, Kfar Saba
Dmitriy +972 54 585 3723