Development of web applications

Is not simply a web development. It is a creation of client-server applications of various levels of complexity, such as e-payment systems, internet banking, corporate website or portal, i.e. a large-scale website combining document management, mail, calendar and many more functions.

Development of websites and portals

We build innovative, high-end web products such as: business card website, corporate web-site, online shop, company's corporate portal. For each project we develop unique ideas for memorable design, navigation, ways of presenting content and information, corresponding to the business needs, tasks and requirements.

Development of client-server applications

We develop unique web applications to resolve different both: typical and non-trivial tasks. Web application is a current method of access to business, where a web browser can act as a client. Web application in a traditional understanding of the user operates as a website, whilst web interface references the database with logical and simple tools for information sharing and management. Regardless of complexity and specific aspects of the assignment, we resolve your business challenges with the help of perfectly functional web applications

Nowadays websites are not only means of communication and information, but also a comprehensive marketing tool, attracting clients along with the revenues. We help our clients not only to do internet marketing successfully, but also to manage business from any browser through integration of our applications with complex corporate systems

Development of business applications

development of comprehensive systems, aimed at resolving current functional business tasks. It's not just a trend but a useful tool to enhance business efficiency, increase revenue, improve company's image and be more successful in attracting investment.

Development of business applications

Business applications currently is an essential factor to achieve optimization and automation of any business processes in an organization. Our expert professionals having implemented various business solutions, such as ERP and CRM, project management systems and resources, automated inventory management systems - are ready to develop and implement solutions By simply letting our consultants know your requirements (business challenges or issues) and being determined and willing to knuckle down and join efforts, we will resolve any business problem, we'll also help you optimize resources, time and expenses.

In order to resolve problems, we choose the proper solutions. Efficient and competitive, customized according to the specifics of the processes of various business areas. Implementing business applications, processes that are always taking place in an organization, will become more streamlined, managed and integrated. Our solutions allow to receive accurate and reliable data about the activities of all employees about main tasks and goals also reporting, based on which it is possible to generate analysis of situation at the enterprise. Implementation of our solutions enable:

  • Maximize efficiency of the structure and form of business management;
  • Move away from the outdated methodologies and approaches;
  • Implement up-do-date, advanced technologies, that can boost growth and development of those areas where the company has strong position and strengthen the weak points.

Business analytics and visualization

Is a special software tool, created to help in information analysis related to the company and its environment. BI technologies enable to analyze big chunks of information, paying attention only on key points and efficiency factors, simulating the outcome induced by different course of events or actions and monitoring results of certain decisions.

We offer wide spectrum of BI solution capabilities, develop architecture, provide implementation and technical support of our projects, including:

  • Data Warehouse - integrated data collection, gathered from different transaction and credential information systems, maintaining company's everyday business processes
  • Visualization of any volume of statistical data (reporting of any complexity in visual presentation on user's web interface, fully set up for further operational activities)
  • Analytics and forecasting – solutions, that help to ensure well-grounded administrative decisions, with minimum time wasted on research and analysis of the required information, also with considerable reduction in the burden of the employee's administrative routine.
  • Powerful CPM (Corporate Performance Management) solutions for large commercial banks and enterprises, with comprehensive KPI analysis and visualization. >>

Our team of analysts, architects and developers takes a meticulous approach to development and implementation of the solutions, starting with thorough insight and detailed analysis of the business processes of our clients. Such approach enables to achieve maximum result from this transition to new levels of efficiency in managing your business processes. Benefits that our solutions provide for the businesses:

  • Statistical analysis of resources, expenses and processes
  • Predictable analytics of income, project success and desired results
  • Data analysis, data and text mining
  • Forecasting software, also risk and business processes optimization


is the best example of effective optimization in any business area. More and more companies employ this strategy in business development to improve the quality of service and reduce time to implement certain solutions and products.

In our company we currently place the focus on delivering this type of service as a top target and we see it's gearing up for rapid growth. SK-CONSULTING is ready take bear the risks, related to development, support and maintenance, upgrade and porting to new platforms or add new functionality to your software. Our main criteria is reliability and unification in collaboration between all parties and sides of the project. Working with the team of subcontractors and as a prime contractor whilst the implementing large-scale solutions and projects we establish the most productive and efficient methods of collaboration and communication throughout the whole project lifecycle, doing our best to lower down the client's risks. Our clients can monitor the progress, schedules and adherence to deadlines at any time Testing outsourcing and independent analysis of the delivered projects enable to eliminate the unintended consequences that can result from poorly engineered software exploitation.

For different projects different technology solutions are appropriate, hence we use solutions that fully comply with the client's requirements. We develop highly effective software products that enable our customers to propel to an industry-leading position. Collaboration with our team offers unique opportunities:

  • Quick and quality service delivered by highly qualified IT professionals
  • Absolute confidentiality of all sensible data and information
  • Financially rewarding and mutually beneficial professional partnership