Computing infrastructure

Is a core of any enterprise to provide business process automation in accordance with business functional requirements. We rely on our extensive experience in development and implementation of computing system, we offer successful solutions to maximize efficiency of the existing IT infrastructure. Applying principles of consolidation of computational powers and optimization of data storage, we offer the most reliable and effective solutions

- Development and implementation of data storage systems

We deliver both: hardware, solutions from leading providers of data storage systems and innovative software solutions to ensure fault-tolerant, reliable and powerful data storage

- Optimization and modernization of server infrastructure

We provide not just server upgrade/replacement but also the best possible solution in terms of costs, performance, scalability and of course, administration. When looking for the right solution for any organization, we leverage tailored, comprehensive approach in finding the best fit for the client’s requirements and budget

- Virtualization of the server infrastructure, computer desktop environment and applications

Virtualization is the single most effective way to reduce IT expenses by efficiently utilizing resources. Namely, it helps to reduce operational expense and cut down on server waste and waste of computer and human resources required for server administration. It results in lower power and management costs also having equipment and hardware made available for other operational priorities. This is one of the most in-demand solutions for any IT infrastructure. In this aspect we rely upon the experience of world leaders: VmWare ESXI, Microsoft HyperV и Citrix XenServ.

- Building data back-up and fault tolerance systems

Data backup and data recovery is today a main business requirement. We provide you with the best solutions, when it comes to backup or data recovery, based on software or hardware and software developed by IT industry leaders

- Provision of energy saving systems and cooling solutions

By far, one of the most important task to ensure resiliency and sustainability of organization and infrastructure, due to the issues with power consumption, power supply and energy loss having direct effect on the availability and reliability of the equipment.

The computer systems that we’ve built enabled our customers to have reliability, accessibility, scalability and as a result business security to guarantee reasonable investment and successful growth.

  • We help to find the best and most efficient solutions and we cut on data storage costs, providing up-to-date technologies and new approach.
  • We analyze and assist our customers to use computing resource and power more efficiently through down-time reduction and load balancing.
  • Through virtualization of the infrastructure components, we make it more accessible and flexible.
  • We minimize the risks of the business, ensuring interoperability and quick disaster recovery.
  • We resolve issues with disaster recovery and reliability of the computer systems
  • Setup of the standby storage of the virtual infrastructure and also Microsoft Exchange mail installation (agricultural company with over 15 000 people on staff).
  • Development of the online replication of data between the main and backup platform (financial insituion with over 1000 people on staff)
  • Migration to VDI of 80 workstations with zero client support (leasing company with over 500 people on staff)
  • Data center setup ( blade server / storage / Network). (financial company with over 1000 people on staff)

Network infrastructure

Is a high-productive intellectual system combining IP network and data storage network for communication and operation of business applications. When working on architecture and development of infrastructure we take into consideration bandwidth and response time, analyzing the requirements of data storage systems, servers and applications. That’s why we can provide excellent solution to the technical challenge with maximum efficiency

- Setup and modernization of LAN/WAN networks

We do setup and modernization of multifunctional corporate networks, allowing to have up-to-date and efficient tool to accomplish current and future goals and requirements on the high growth businesses. Our solutions are able to ensure convergence to provide data transfer, including voice communication through channels of consolidated data network

- Wireless networks WLAN

Implementing the wireless networks we offer only the best, most efficient solutions thanks to:

  • analysis and preliminary investigation of the airwaves perimeter
  • careful selection and testing of the reliable equipment
  • integration and setup of all the required services
  • ensuring security and privacy
  • - VLAN virtual networks

    Implementation of the virtual networks enables to create a consolidated network infrastructure of the affiliated branches, integrate with partners’ networks, provide remote working for employees, to secure the data transmission, safe access setup to the internal resources through the web browser. These solutions enable to see and resolve the problems and tasks of the distributed network operation as a whole

    - Network infrastructure of the data processing center

    Implementation of configurable software network infrastructure (Software-Defined Networks, SDN), enables to provide maximum result from the work of the data processing center. Remote programming of the functionality of the switches (OpenFlow) and an upgrade from IPv4 to the IPv6, are those essential aspects of the solution to create fully integrated software-defined data center, which would consolidate networks, servers and data storage system.

    - Structured cabling network

    Building structured cabling network constitutes the basis for the company’s entire network infrastructure, which is why we architect and install these networks on turnkey basis, preparing a ground for powerful, reliable data transfer networks.

    Ensuring powerful and reliable delivery channels for mission-critical applications and services we resolve:

    • Main business task is to ensure bandwidth
    • An issue of the reliability of data-transmission channels
    • Privacy and information accessibility problems
    • Data flow optimization problems
    • Implementation of the corporate wireless network and integration of BYOD “bring your own device” concept (agricultural company, over 300 people on staff)
    • Implementation of converged network (ethernet) in data processing centre (financial company, over 1000 people on staff).
    • Provision of a highly available, secure network design to the WAN edge. (Large retail network, over 50 branches).

    IT security provision

    Is one of the most important elements of IT infrastructure of any company. Our solutions are designed to minimize three main threats in any business – privacy, accessibility and data integrity. Our first and foremost goal is to protect your information and infrastructure from malicious or haphazard unsolicited impact, which can cause undesirable damage to your business

    - Firewalls(firewall)

    In this area we maintain a particular focus on next generation firewalls (NGFierwall), with identification of applications, users and threats are key pillars behind it. Offering a solution we ask our customer to pay attention to the following essential points:

    • Identify applications, not ports (to determine the application identity, irrespective of protocol or encryption)
    • User identification, not only IP addresses (Traditionally, firewalls use IP addresses to monitor traffic and are unaware of the user)
    • Real time content analysis (adaptive real-time protection based on content analysis)
    • Simplified policy management
    • Implementation of logical network perimeter
    • Provision of multigigabit throughput capability
    - Intrusion prevention system (IPS)

    This element of network security provides information about all data streams coming in the corporate network, enabling to efficiently apply security solutions against malicious activities. Using different methods to detect intrusion (signature, protocol decoding, anomaly analysis, scanner detection, adaptive signature design). Conduct analysis and correlation of events based on mismatch of patterns displaying abuse or deviation from expected behavior

    - DDOS attack prevention systems

    We offer software and hardware solutions to provide protection from DDOS attacks. Solutions guarantee protection for organizations by blocking wide variety of attacks in seconds all the while easily adapting to a certain network infrastructure.

    - Proxy Servers, Web/Email Security gateway of wide spectrum of usage

    We offer implementation of computer appliances for the organization’s corporate e-mail protection and also provision of a secure access from a local network to extranet (Internet).

    - Web application protection

    Web applications are currently the most targeted point of various types of attacks, due to ease of access and sensitive information. In order to prevent advanced and distributed attacks we offer our client the most up-to-date WAF (Web Application Firewall) systems. Our solutions enable to protect any web applications, including SQL injections, XSS and CSRF and reduce the risks of sensitive data intrusion through the web to the maximum.

    - Data leakage and sensitive information protection

    DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) – can lead to unavailability of any resource from small information website to a large e-commerce site and mail server. That is why we give special consideration to this solution, helping clients build reliable defense-in-depth protection of network resources from different types of denial-of-service attacks. Our solutions enable to promptly detect, analyze and filter traffic flows, ensuring comprehensive protection from various DDoS, including new and unknown threats.

    - Security of endpoints

    In this direction, our company pays close attention to protecting endpoints from targeted attacks (APT, Advanced Persistent Threats) aimed at specific objects or industries. They take into account the specifics of the company, or of activity as a whole, have directed the specifics of exposure and carry catastrophic consequences.

    - Protection of SCADA networks

    The solution is specifically designed for the protection of industrial automated systems that are used for centralized monitoring and control of production processes. (Example distribution system of water, oil, gas, energy, etc.). Our solution provides: full visibility of traffic on the L7-level granular control of applications, users and protocols, the network is segmented according to the needs of business processes.

    We are ready to take responsibility for the security of our clients' data. Following the basic requirements of today's cybersecurity we build robust systems in place to protect the data of our customers is not only against external threats, but also to ensure security within the organization.

    Our solutions allow you to:

    • To prevent attacks from outside and to determine the vulnerability of data networks.
    • Protect confidential data from leaking to the "personal" email, by skype, backup to external media and beyond.
    • Monitor and limit the use of Web resources.
    • Protect the applications, users, and mail systems from malware
    • Minimize the risk and increase the reliability of the business.
    • Mobile devices security enabling remote administration and device tracking (100+ devices)
    • Protection of network core in data center including setup and configuration of the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) and encryption between platforms
    • Deployment of 802.1X configuration (100+ devices)

    Business solutions

    Is up-to-date, hi-tech tools enabling maximize productivity and efficiency of your business. Developing and implementing solutions for business, we allow our customers to speed up the decision making processes and increase main processes control and enhance business controllability

    - Setup and configuration of IP telephony, call center and closed loop system with contact follow-up.

    We provide comprehensive installation of IP-telephony systems enabling to reduce expenses and enhance business productivity through data and telephone network integration in one single infrastructure. Deployment of up-to-date call centers and closed loop system with customer follow-up, enhancing the quality of the service, timely response to provide information to resolve client's problems.

    - Video conferencing and team collaboration systems

    Solutions to setup and configure video conferencing reduce both time and financial expenses related to meetings, business trips, staff training and as a result to ensure quality communication with potential partners worldwide. collaboration solutions enabling to setup not only corporate email and document management but it's also powerful project inventory and collaboration management tools. Upon development and implementation of these solutions we always engage developers from our in-house technical team.

    - Control, monitoring and management software

    Our company pays special attention to this area, as the solution of these issues enable to receive critical information about the condition of the business as well as about any possible changes. We refer to these solutions:

    • Development of comprehensive solutions enabling to monitor all components of the IT infrastructure (network, application, data storage, web)
    • Monitoring of business processes and components (branches, departments, projects, efficiency of the business areas).
    - Business processes automation application systems

    In this area our company has significant advantage as we have in-house development team, able to either create a bespoke solution to fit the client's requirements or to customize a third-party solutions and products that already are on the market. Having in-depth knowledge of the integration solutions and engaging our development team we are able to handle even the most complex projects.

    Our solutions enable to maximize business productivity and efficiency. Automation of certain processes can provide real competitive advantage, not mentioning that enhanced cooperation with external and internal customers provides flexibility and operational efficiency.

    Implementation of such projects allows:

    • Reduction in connectivity expenses and provide mobility and flexibility for emplyees, making interaction with clinets - more efficient
    • Always track the primary nodes state and timely determine causes of the emergency shut down
    • To maximize automation and processes optimization in a business
    • Installation of IP telephony in an organization (1500 users)
    • Deployment of a call center (15 operators)
    • Installation of video conferencing for employees (7 branches)
    • Development of custom software to monitor the performance of Telecom service providers according to SLA agreement
    • Development of bespoke accounting and inventory management automation software
    • Automated collaboration of provider and contractor, creation of HelpDesk client-server software


    is an integral part of our work with every milestone of our interaction with the client, we perform thorough discovery effort by gathering and analyzing the requirements, to find and impellent the right solution, providing further support and maintenance with proper guidance along every step of the process

    - Engineering and documentation

    We provide IT projects development services, offering the following ways of execution:

    • Project execution on turnkey basis – client receives robust and maintainable solution fully built by one team
    • Execution as a main contractor or system integrator – we take full responsibility for project execution and provide efficiency of the solutions of subcontracting party, we act as a liaison for the purpose of project execution and in the course of operation and maintenance of implemented solution
    • We provide advisory support assisting with project execution, carried out by the client or a third party – acting on behalf of our client and protecting their interests
    • We handle documentation of projects implemented by a third party.
    - Audit and requirements complience

    Our company's IT experts conduct a comprehensive audit of IT infrastructure components, enabling workflow optimization and enhance reliability, also \"Best Practise\" compliance audit from industry leaders. Business analytics and consultants perform analysis from the business efficiency perspective and offer solution to optimize business processes and provide recommendations as to implementation of certain solutions.

    - Maintenance and support

    КOur company takes responsibility for the implemented solutions and provides maintenance and support to client's current solutions and for projects that we've put in place ensuring that indispensable requirements for accessibility have been met.

    - Outsourcing of IT processes

    Outsourcing currently is the best way to cut costs and expenses. More and more companies hand us over some parts of their business processes, certain services, tasks and projects to receive timely delivery to the highest quality and exceeding expectations.

    Our consulting services are focused on enhancement of business productivity, enabling to conserve administrative, financial and human resources, in order to concentrate efforts on operational priorities of business management and development of new areas and product lines. Audit solutions will help to update and bring into shape any infrastructure component of the organization, enabling managers and business owners to evaluate a current situation and get a better perspective. A full spectrum of consulting services engineering, implementation and maintenance of various solutions guarantee (with high probability) high performance and efficiency of the implemented solution.

    • Outsourcing of the monitoring system enabling large retail outlet chain to monitor the entire network infrastructure (50+ of sales outlets)
    • Comprehensive independent audit of IT infrastructure, providing recommendations and assessment reports for senior management (financial organization with over 30 employees in IT department )
    • Maintenance and support of the client's virtual infrastructure deployed at remote data center
    • Provision of complete outsourcing services covering every aspect of IT (over 15 branches)